Experience Leads to Success.

GMSI owners have delivered managed care services, cost containment strategies, and medical and vocational programs to individuals and employers across the country for over 25 years. We are familiar with employers and with the resources our customers require in order to experience success. Moreover, we know what it takes to assist both the client and the employer in this process. Our philosophy has always been that every individual should have the opportunity to participate in productive employment, and that regardless of the disability, this is possible with intense case management and aggressive employment services.

GMSI is owned by Mark Willis & Michael Leep, who oversee daily operations, new service line development and staff development. As practitioners, they handle all JTA employer services on a national basis. They consult with their clients to deliver return to work solutions, cost avoidance and injury prevention strategies, and state of the art technology solutions.

Mark Willis, Owner
Mark has over 25 years of Managed Care experience. His undergraduate and graduate degrees are in Counseling and Rehabilitation from Marshall University. He served as a Regional Manager for VGRS in Cleveland, Ohio serving Northeast Ohio Self Insured Employers. Mark also served as a Regional Vice President for Resource Opportunities, Inc. in Virginia Beach. As the Regional Vice President, Mark developed award winning Risk Management programs for his customers across the country.

Michael Leep, Owner
Michael has over 25 years of Executive Sales and Managed Care experience. He has an undergraduate degree in Counseling & Rehabilitation and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Marshall University. He served as Regional Director for VGRS in Akron, Ohio serving Central Ohio Self Insured Employers. While employed by Procter & Gamble, he served as a Sales Manager for P&G's Health and Personal Care line. Michael was also the President of Resource Opportunities, Inc., a $25 Million National Managed Care company. Michael guided ROI's growth through six strategic partnerships/acquisitions.