About GMSI

Quality is defined by whether or not a clients needs are met to his or her satisfaction. With that in mind, quality can only be defined by you, the client. Only when you feel your needs have been met, have we done our job. For this reason, we are committed to an on-going process of working with our client base to help define ways to improve our services.

From our medical case management and vocational rehabilitation services to our early return to work software, we expedite the return to work process and provide specific and measurable outcomes that assist our customers in reducing employee absenteeism and associated costs while improving the bottom line.

As the speed of technology advances, we continue to provide a progressive and efficient road map to assist our customers as they strive to meet the needs of an ever changing and dynamic economy.

We approach our business along a managed care continuum from prevention to intervention. Our goal is to become a seamless solution for all of our customers.